Hand Bells

I cannot tell you how drastic the difference is between the first time and this time playing bells… But of course I shall try.

First rehearsal I went to I had to find my notes on the staff and couldn’t do it, my brain just fell apart and I cried. It was so incredibly frustrating for me because I knew my mom wanted me to play with her but I couldn’t do it.

When I got roped into it this time, this were a little (read: vastly) different. They told me to highlight my notes and not be afraid to make mistakes. Because in handbells, where only a couple of us were music majors in college, we are far from professionals. We do what we have to do to get through rehearsals with some laughter. And trust me, there’s usually plenty of laughing. Comments from the directors. Comments between the directors (btw, they’re married). Comments to the directors. Comments from one table to another. It’s a riot when we get started.

But I can honestly say that this time is tremendously more fun than the first time. And I think everyone is glad for that. I got a little Christmas card from the directors saying they appreciate that I’m ringing with them, and are really glad I gave them a second chance. (I had continuously told people I didn’t want to even try again after what happened the first time, but look where I am now lol.)

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