Become a Stigma Fighter with Me

About a week ago, I had a guest post go up on Sarah Fader’s blog Old School/New School Mom for something she started called Stigma Fighters.

With this series, she’s created somewhere for people with mental illness share their stories and fight the stigma that surrounds it. There is nothing wrong with having a mental illness. Lots of people do and we live normal lives. Just look at the list she has of everyone who has bravely submitted their story to her blog. And that’s not where it ends. ANYONE who wants to can send her their story too. I encourage you to do so!

I felt so good after putting myself out there and sending her my story. Sure it was scary, but to see how many other people are doing the same thing (anonymously or with their name) is absolutely amazing.

I’m so proud to be one of her Stigma Fighters, and I hope you will be one too!

7 thoughts on “Become a Stigma Fighter with Me

    1. I loved writing for your Stigma Fighters series! What you’re doing is a wonderful, amazing thing and I want more people to join me and all the others you have already – anonymous or not ❤

  1. Such a good post! seems very similar to my story! with A LOT of fighting depression and anxiety, it gets easier!! things are just starting to seem normal for me and ive had a mental illness for as long as i can remember!! good for you for writing your story 😀

    1. You should join the Stigma Fighters team with me and Sarah! We would love to have you ❤

      1. would you be able to e-mail me? im not really good at writing but I am hoping to use my blog to fix that and help my mental health along the way..

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