Down the Road

When I finally have a family of my own, things are going to be so vastly different from the way they have been and still are now with my parents…

I won’t allow my husband to completely ignore the dishes for no reason – I’m not the only one doing dishes. If they’re left overnight from dinner, that’s fine. But things sitting there for days on end will result in me telling him to get off his lazy ass and do something about it.

Cooking dinner will also be a shared responsibility. Yes, one of us will probably do more of the work on a given night, but the other won’t abandon them in the kitchen.

The news will not be on every night just because. I won’t have it. Because honestly, the news pisses me off to no end. [My mom and I refer to them as the talking heads when my dad turns the news on.]

I expect him to help out with our kids. Be that homework, or sports, or activities with friends. Maybe even an occasional daddy-daughter/father-son date – whatever that entails for that child.

I want there to be one dedicated night every week (that can change week-to-week) where we sit down and just talk about anything. Exciting – or dreaded – things happening at work, plans with friends, what we want to do for our next date, a dinner we want to make. Or something that’s bugging us.

We’ll set up an email address for our children when they’re born and send them all kinds of different things (pictures, things they say growing up, stories, copies of certificates, etc.) over the years. Then when they turn 18, they’ll be given the password.

We’ll take pictures all throughout pregnancy and make a scrapbook out of it all. Even if it’s just online somewhere and for our own sake.

We will photograph our children on their first and last day of school every year. I want to be able to look at pictures and see how much they changed over the school year/summer.

We’ll observe birthdays, anniversaries, etc. when they happen, even if it’s in the middle of the week – things won’t be put off till the weekend just because it’s more convenient

Tattoos won’t be banned (hell, I already have one) but discussed before they’re gotten. 

Our kids will grow up not babied and molly-coddled. They’ll know we’re keeping an eye on them, but mommy and daddy have things they need to do.