Holy Stupidity

I started back to school today. While I’m glad to get out of my house, I also hate having to deal with all the people. But being in classes also means that I have things to do during the day. There’s chapters I have to read for my deaf culture class and then write blog posts about. If something’s interesting enough, or I just have no other ideas, I’ll put it up on here for y’all to read. So that class is gonna be fun – despite the 3 research papers and the group presentation.

My math class on the other hand, that was a freaking adventure today. I was in a class I wasn’t supposed to be in because it was an honors section. According to the person I talked to at the school, I shouldn’t have even been able to register for it. I found another class that fit into my schedule, but I wasn’t allowed to swap into it. Why? The school started a new policy – you have to be registered by 11:59pm the night before classes start or you can’t register. I was already registered in this honors class and just wanted to swap into another class. But there are no exceptions to the new policy. It’s gonna screw people over and make them want to leave the school. If I had another school I could go to instead I wouldn’t stuck around here. However that’s not the case so I’m stuck dealing with the backlash of the school’s new system. 

I’m still enrolled in a math class, but it’s not a full 16-week or on campus. Instead I’m gonna have to suffer through an 8-week online course. I’m gonna be living in hell for that class. I already have enough issues with math, and now I’m not gonna be in a classroom to learn it – therefore everything is gonna be on me, so I’m wondering how I’m gonna make it work… 

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