Weekend Parties

Yesterday was a friend and her twin sister’s birthday party. Their 21st birthday in fact. So I went out there early to help set up and hang out with E and get ready before H came back from an early dinner at the Melting Pot.

Things were pretty crazy once people started showing up. Pizza showed up while girls were gathered in a bedroom doing makeup. My boyfriend showed up and joined us for a few before going to see the guys I think. Eventually after we’d all eaten and everyone was done with makeup, we headed to the bowling alley on the military base. The cosmic bowling was a blast! It wasn’t fully in motion when we got there, but when the rainbow lights come on down at the pins, my mind was blown. I had never seen anything like that before.

When we came back to their house for a fire pit and cake around 11pm, But I had a migraine, so I went to lay down in the guest room. And my boyfriend came with me. I told him he didn’t have to, but he wanted to make sure I was ok. I didn’t fight him on it cause one, I didn’t have the energy for that, and two, I kinda liked the fact that he would rather sit with me and be with the rest of the party.

I eventually came out and joined everyone else shortly after midnight. I made myself some hot tea along with another girl who was staying the night. We all sat around talking and playing games. Eventually we pulled H’s hamster out of her cage and put in in the exercise ball and brought her down stairs. Somewhere around 2am I was laying down on the couch with the ball in my hand and just passed out. I woke up in the morning and my first thought was, “OH NO! MUNCHKIN!” I found out later that E had taken it back upstairs after I’d fallen asleep.

I had breakfast with H and a couple other people who’d stayed the night and had a couple cups of coffee. E had to go to work so she was already gone. H left for work shortly after breakfast and the other people left for home. I hung around and helped mom with whatever I could to clean up.

Then I caught the metro back home so I could make it to handbells in time. Yup, that was my weekend. It was actually pretty fun.

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