Creativity Isn’t Just for Kindergarteners

Yesterday my friend Sarah and I were talking about self-therapy and what we do for ourselves when we’re feeling down. I want to say that I said something about writing, and she mentioned that she does art. I said that I had kind of given up on art a while ago because I always felt like I was never good enough. She suggested that I give it a shot anyway. So I did. I drew the picture you can see in my last post. She took the uncolored version and ran with it to create an article. She then got permission from me to use my picture, and of course I said yes.

Today, we find out that it made it to the front page of the website under ‘Creativity’. We’re so in shock/awe that we’re lost for words. All we can say it’s “I can’t believe it!” and “It’s crazy!” and “It’s SO awesome!”

That about sums up how we’re feeling about this.

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