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January 2015

  • I’m Not Depression (Reblogged from Courtney’s Voice)

    I absolutely love this post. I’m amazed that someone five years younger than me could write something like this. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing by any means. I guess I just didn’t expect something like it because I’d never seen something similar before. I have never really understood why we as humans… Continue reading

  • BOOKS (& coffee, of course)

    I love being friends with an author. Well, technically I’m friends with three authors – Sarah Fader, Allie Burke, and JC Hannigan. JC has a group on Facebook where those of us who have read her books where we can talk about pretty much whatever we want. So the other night I made my first post… Continue reading

  • Lexapro – 10mg – month Lexapro – 20mg – month Welbutrin – 150mg – week Welbutrin – 300mg – 3 weeks Lamictal – 25mg – < 2 weeks Abilify – 5mg – new Trying to find the right medication is truly a process of trial-and-error. It’s time-consuming and incredibly frustrating. I’m on my fourth different… Continue reading

  • Support? And Stigma Fighters

    A lot of times, when I go to a friend to rant about something that’s bothering me, they try to fix the problem for me. But that’s not what I want. I just want them to listen to me. That’s it! If I want their help, I’ll ask for it. But when it’s just pushed on… Continue reading

  • The Support Surrounding My Dermatillomania Diagnosis

    I am proud to announce that I have my first guest post! This was written by a lovely girl in the UK who also suffers from mental illness. I hope you enjoy reading it, and hopefully there will be more guest posts in the future. Continue reading

  • Love Me Please

    Hey y’all. I just wanted to let you know since I have been getting more people looking at posts on my blog, that I have created a page for it on Facebook. Here’s the link: I would really appreciate it if you go like my page and send it to other people for them to… Continue reading

  • Hello 2015 … What Do You Have For Me?

    I haven’t written anything yet this year. I don’t really have an answer as to why. But I don’t have to. This is my blog, and I’ll update it on my schedule. The deadline for the Stigma Fighters book came and went on New Year’s Day. I think I’ve got something like 4 essays in it.  We… Continue reading

About Me

Hello! Welcome! My name is Katy!
You can find me drinking coffee until it’s time for wine. Currently have 5 tattoos, but plans for more are in the works.
I’m a birthmom over 8 years post placement. I’ve been in a birthmom support group since November 2018, and will be leading my own come May 2023.
On Sunday mornings you can usually find me in the nursery or on the production team at church.
Various times throughout the year, you can find me staying with someone’s dog(s) while they’re away on a trip – so don’t be surprised if there are stories or pictures every so often.