Hello 2015 … What Do You Have For Me?

I haven’t written anything yet this year. I don’t really have an answer as to why. But I don’t have to. This is my blog, and I’ll update it on my schedule.

The deadline for the Stigma Fighters book came and went on New Year’s Day. I think I’ve got something like 4 essays in it.  We have a legit publisher so it’s going to be an e-book and in print.

Today I was asked to be the Executive Assistant for Stigma Fighters. It came as a total shock. I didn’t expect it at all. I let it sink in for a little before making a decision. I did accept the job.

Since Stigma Fighters is a non-profit in its first stages of growth, the position is currently uncompensated. But that’s okay. I’m not doing this for the money. I’m doing it because I truly believe in the cause. We need to end the stigma surrounding mental health. People need a place to safely tell their story and find support from those who know what it’s like to deal with these things.

Things are busy for me because I’m trying to get things set for school, but there’s an issue with a class so I’m stuck in a holding pattern till I can get in touch with the assistant dean of the ASL department. I need her to approve me to take the level 4 class over again. Otherwise I can’t continue toward the Interpreting program. I need to be taking level 5 when I’m in the program, and I can’t do that until I successfully complete level 4. But things aren’t working the way they should.