Lexapro – 10mg – month
Lexapro – 20mg – month
Welbutrin – 150mg – week
Welbutrin – 300mg – 3 weeks
Lamictal – 25mg – < 2 weeks
Abilify – 5mg – new

Trying to find the right medication is truly a process of trial-and-error. It’s time-consuming and incredibly frustrating. I’m on my fourth different medication in three and a half months. I feel like of like a guinea pig with all the meds I’ve taken. The side effects are probably what I hate the most. Especially when I was on the Lamictal. I had taken it two years ago and had no issues, so the fact that I had issues this time didn’t make sense to me. I had chest pain and shortness of breath, so my doctor told me to go to the ER on Friday afternoon.

I got there, signed in, and waited for maybe ten minutes. They called me back and took me into triage. They did an EKG – which I assume was fine because nothing was said otherwise. They did a chest x-ray – which I assume was clean because they didn’t say anything. They also did a blood clot test – which came back negative.

A random guy tried to hit on me while I was there too. He was only kinda cute. It would’ve been better if the doctor had tried to hit on me cause he was actually pretty cute. And he didn’t look like he was much over 30. They did the blood clot test after the chest x-ray. When I sat back down, a nurse called my name. I picked my head up and said, “yes?” She smirked at me and replied, “I’m coming to get you.” All the staff in the ER were nice enough, and they were trying to be funny about stuff too.

In the end, they basically chalked it up to the Lamictal I had been taking. However, they also gave me a prescription for an antacid, in case that was the issue, and a stronger pain reliever than you can get OTC.

When I take everything at once, like I’m pretty much supposed to, I wind up feeling a little loopy. I’m wondering how severely it’s going to affect me in classes this week. I’m hoping it’s not too bad, but I’m honestly not crossing any fingers about it cause there’s just now way of knowing.

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