Things haven’t exactly been the greatest for me recently. But a friend of mine has been helping me emotionally. I didn’t ask him to, it’s just what he does. He always has been like that.

10967411_10152570058041123_1248182522_o   10966885_10152570067031123_268567106_n

Those are the same picture. The one on the left is taken with my phone camera. The one on the right is filtered (with Glow) using an app called NoCrop.

I never realized how I can feel about myself when I put on makeup until someone says something to me. It’s odd. I want to feel good about myself, but it’s almost like I just don’t know how.

I’ve had two people compliment my makeup today. The weirdest part is that I’m not wearing anything but lipstick. No blush, no eyeliner, no mascara, no eyeshadow. Nothing but lipstick. It almost makes me feel good about my face if multiple people think I’m wearing more than I actually am.

It makes me want to wear makeup more often. Not like, caking it on. But just enough that I feel like I’m wearing some and someone might notice.

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