Medication + New Fitness Band + Snow Days

So, yesterday I changed medication … yet again. Now I’m on Seroquel instead of Abilify. For those of you keeping track at home, the list looks like this so far:

  • Lexapro (10 & 20)
  • Welbutrin (150 & 300)
  • Lamictal (25 & 50)
  • Abilify (5 & 10 & 7.5)
  • Seroquel (50 last night & 100 tonight & 150 tomorrow night)

I can’t believe I’m on my 5th different medication. It’s a lot more if you look at dosages. See what’s in the parentheses above. It’s insane…

But last night I went out and got a new fitness band tracker thing. It’s the Perfect Fitness IQ Band. I thought it would be a lot more confusing than it actually is when I looked at the directions in the box. But now that I’ve got it cooperating with me, it’s not too bad. I’ve got it set at a goal of 10,00 steps per day. Today I’ve gone 5,107 steps so far. Most of that was two walks around the block through the snow with my mom. It got us out of the house and we were exercising. However pathetic it may have seemed.

The snow has been great reason to stay inside. It gave me time to devote to compiling a list of everyone who’s submitted to Stigma Fighters and put their names and post links into one huge Excel spreadsheet. There have been 246 entries so far. I can’t  believe there are that many. I have so many of them on Facebook too. It’s amazing what a community Sarah Fader has created for those of us living with mental illness.

It’s always a great day to be a part of

stigma fighters

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