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Update + My Thoughts

I finally have an appointment with a psychiatrist! Even better is that it’s the one I really wanted to see. Granted the appointment isn’t for a couple weeks, I still got in. And that’s the point.

I now have time to pull together all the medications I’ve been on, thev dosages, the side effects, etc.

I’ve also started a mood journal at the suggestion of a friend in Canada who’s also bipolar. She dates and times all her entries. Date totally makes sense because otherwise you’d have no clue when anything was written. Time can come in handy because certain moods may be more common at certain times of day.

I also want to be able to keep track of my moods so that when I go in for my pdoc appt, I have a record of things to show him.

It’ll make me look like I care about what’s happening to me. And it’s proactive. Meaning I did it without a doctor telling me to.

I’ve also started taking magnesium and fish oil pills in addition to my Seroquel. Hopefully the magnesium will help, alongside the Seroquel, in stabilizing my mood. The fish oil is something that can help control feelings of depression.


I guess I’m just starting to be more proactive about everything related to my mental health in general. Which is a good thing. No one knows what kind of things I’m going through except me, so I have to be the one to speak up.

It’s also important that I pay attention to what’s happening to me, emotionally and physically, because, again, no one else knows but me. Amd looking back I can also “attempt” to analyze what was happening in my head at the time. It seems like it’ll work so long as I can keep up with it. These two weeks are a trial for me in a sense. To see if I can do it. To see what it takes to keep this mood journal going. Hopefully it’s something, that like Nicole of The Lithium Chronicles, I can keep going successfully.

For now, I’m just trying to keep things organized and under control the best that I can. So please cross your fingers, and pray, and send good thoughts my way. Thank you.

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