Questions A – Z


B – Birthday?


C – Crush?

Johnny Depp as Captain jack Sparrow

D – Drink you last had?

SoBe limewater Coconut Water

E – Easiest person to talk to?

My best friend

F – Favorite song?

Take the Keys by Leah Turner

G – Good at?

Writing, listening, talking

H – Hair color?

Naturally, a light/medium brown. But for a while I dyed it an auburn red. And then I also dyed the underside black with some friends. But everything’s growing out to just my natural color now.

I – In love with?

Escaping reality through books

J – Jealous of?

People who have their lives together

K – Known as?


L  – Longest relationship?

Just over one year

M – Middle name?


N – Number?


O – One wish?

For everyone I love to be as healthy as possible

P – Person last texted?


Q – Question always asked?

Why ASL?

T – Time you woke up?


U – Underwear color?


V – Violent moment?

Getting in fights with my best friend – I don’t hold back anything

W – Worst fear?

Not being enough

X – Ex you never stopped loving?

My first real boyfriend

Y – Your last hug?

A Girl in my ASL class on Wednesday

Z – Zodiac sign?


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