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Do I Duck and Dodge? Or Do I Face Him Again?

Ok, so I’m doing some volunteer work at a community club. I’ve met several of the people who work there. But there is one person who stands out like a sore thumb. He’s just straight up unpleasant to be around.

I was there on Saturday, and at the time there was nothing to do, so I was sitting in the back room doing some stuff for Stigma Fighters on my laptop. The guy came back and asked me if I would “consider doing some stuff”. I said sure, put my laptop away and was ready to work. He kept giving me task after task without break. I didn’t complain, I just did what he was asking.

When I had done everything, he told me I either needed to be working the whole time I was there, or leave. I didn’t think he was completely serious, so I went to the back room and pulled out my laptop to continue on my work for Stigma Fighters. He came back and told me that he doesn’t want to have to play someone’s dad and asked me how long I was planning to stay. I told him when I had intended on leaving. He said he’d give me credit for the hours I’d planned to stay.

Apparently he was serious when he said I needed to do work or leave. So I packed up my stuff, and walked up to the front. Then he signed my sheet, told me not to come back when he’s working, and said when he was working the next day. So I took that as my cue to leave. I mean, I wasn’t about to stand there and argue with him about the situation. It was pointless. Because of this guy, I wound up walking something like 1.7 miles to catch the metro back home. And it was like 80+° at that point in the afternoon, so it wasn’t exactly a pleasant stroll.

I went back on Sunday hoping to talk to the person in charge about what had happened. He wasn’t there, but another woman was. She asked me what was up, so I explained the situation. She commiserated with me that this guy isn’t the best to be around, and gave me the head guy’s number. She said she’d be happy to work with me and told me when she’d be working. So I went back today while she was there. I did work that I needed to be done, talked to her and some people who came by. When her shift ended, the head guy came in.

I had intended to call him to explain what happened, but I never did. So I told him as the woman was packing up to leave. I also said that I was trying to plan my hours around when the other guy wouldn’t be there because the situation was just so irritating when I’d done nothing to provoke it. The head guy said he’d talk to the other guy about it because there’s no reason I should have to duck and dodge my time there around this guy.

I’m planning to maybe come back on Saturday when another woman I’ve met is working a double before the guy I don’t like comes in for the last shift of the day. I’m hoping that I can avoid this guy cause I really don’t like him after the situation this past weekend. But we’ll see what happens because I told the head guy I’m thinking about coming in and this guy’s working at x time and I might still be here. So we’ll see what happens. It’s just gonna be interesting.

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