Self Love via Selfies with Stigma Fighters

I have been hanging out with a friend of mine over the weekend for her bridal shower and birthday. Early Sunday afternoon my phone went off with a notification that I was tagged in a photo on Twitter that Marisa, of Mad Girls Lament, posted. She also posted the same picture on Instagram with a longer caption about selfies and self love.


I was super anti #selfie because I thought it was narcissistic. But you know what? I think it’s a form of self-love. I was so self-conscious about weight that I’ve gained because of medication that posing for a picture used to embarrass me. Well fuck that! My body and me are pretty amazing & that’s what the selfie represents to me. Plus my hair and makeup are pretty awesome today. Love yourself & tag me in your selfie. #selflove #bodypositive #Sunday #beauty #red #lipstick #loreal #blakelively

I never really thought about the reasoning or thought behind selfies before. But my friend Sarah Fader has written a post about selfies that I absolutely adore – click here to read. I absolutely adore this piece by Sarah. She discusses being confronted by a stranger on the street about taking a selfie – she had the best comeback and they wound up laughing and walking away.

Marisa challenged some of the fabulous ladies of Stigma Fighters to take selfies and tag her in them. Here are the pictures that appeared in response.


CMjSWxjWsAE8u0qSarah F:




Sarah C:




I retweeted every picture from these gorgeous ladies. I felt that these faces needed to be shared. Because so many people seem to think that we shouldn’t post pictures of ourselves when we’re not fully made up. I don’t understand what the problem is with a woman exposing her naked face. I personally think it’s empowering for a woman to put her face out there without makeup on because it’s strong proof that she loves herself the way that she is.

And that’s what a selfie is. 

Marisa then concluded the whole thing with this beautiful picture of her naked face:


I adore how happy she looks there too.

Go out take selfies whenever you freaking feel like it!!

Share them with me as well – tag me on Twitter or Instagram coffeetattoos

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