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Back to School

I’ve been dealing with a whole bunch of anxiety about school starting soon. So I did some searching online – I went to Tumblr and Pinterest and typed studyblr into the search bar – and found all of the information I have typed up below.  

Studying Hacks

  1. Before you take a test, write all relevant info on an index card
  2. Before you start an exam, write down all your formulas
  3. Use a website/program to block websites that distract you
  4. Mnemonic Devices are helpful for remembering pesky material
  5. Vamp up your notes with colored pens, highlighters, imagery
  6. Do practice tests, look over old papers, make note of frequent questions
  7. Don’t stress
    1. Don’t do all-nighters
    2. Drink lots of water
    3. Take a bath
    4. Listen to upbeat music
    5. Smile

What’s in My Backpack

  • Laptop + charger
  • Notebook(s)
  • Textbooks
  • Pens/pencils
  • Highlighters
  • Sharpies
  • Planner
  • Phone charger/batteries
  • Small makeup bag
  • Hair ties
  • Kindle

Planning Your Study Time

  1. Outline the big chunks
    1. Identify the topics to be covered & studied
    2. Those topics are your tasks
  2. Break down & list subtasks
    1. Identify & list the steps that need to be taken in order to complete each task
    2. Ask: What and How
      1. WHAT are you trying to accomplish?
      2. HOW will you accomplish it?
  3. Weigh the tasks & subtasks
    1. Which section did you teacher emphasize the most?
    2. Which section did you struggle with the most?
    3. Highlight & remember these tasks, for they need more attention`
  4. Decide when each subtask needs to be done
      1. Organize your study materials/Check if anything is missing & Study/Review materials emphasized in:
      2. Lectures
      3. Textbook
      4. Lectures & Textbook
      5. Lectures
      6. Textbook
      7. Review all & catch up with what you couldn’t do days 1-6


  • Study a maximum of 2 hours per night, total hours must be ~10-14
  • Review constantly before the test/exam approaches
  • Try to complete all the tats planned for the day before you go to sleep
  • Sleep at least 6 hours night before the test

Studying Tips

Take Notes!
Good studying practices begin with taking notes. If you don’t have notes, you have already limited yourself. Jot down the important things and the things you may not remember later on when you’re in class. Not taking notes is like shooting yourself in the foot.

Highlight It!
A lot of teachers and professors give study guides. These are important, don’t lose them. Highlight the things in your notes that correspond with the study guide, or the outline of your textbook. Color coordinate your highlighting to themes, subjects, and main ideas. It helps to see all of the material that is related in the same color, but different things in different colors. 

Write It Down!
Writing things down is crucial to studying. If you’re trying to remember that the Earth’s axis has a tilt of 23.5° and that the ecliptic is the sun’s path through the celestial sphere, write it down. Write it several times. If you can’t remember the difference between SMDP and STV electoral systems, write them down. Write down things about both and compare them. For things like dates, this is honestly the best way to remember them, write it and repeat it in your head as many times as it takes until you remember it like your own birthday. May 7, 1945? VE Day. April 15, 1865? Abraham Lincoln dies. The more you write it, the easier it is to recall it at a later date. {The education department says it takes repeating something 3 times for it to stick in long term memory vs. short term memory, but you may need more for certain things!} 

Doing math? Conversions in chemistry? Practice. The rule of three applies here as well. Practice the ones you know, but spend more time on the ones you don’t. Repeat it. Try to work it out without looking at the steps or solutions. Doing this on your own is the best way to learn, and down worry if you mess up! That’s why you’re studying!

Think About It!
This is probably the second most important step in the studying process. Think about what you’re studying. Think about how the information relates to the main ideas. Think about why this information is important, and what implications there are from the process/event/systems. Relate main ideas and try to see the cause and effect relationship of things. Being able to remember information is just one part, you actually need to know it and be able to manipulate the information for tests and papers. A really easy way to do this? Outline the chapter and your notes. Generally textbook authors write fairly well and outline this stuff themselves before they write, and also in your books. The outline can show you a different aspect than what your teacher has given you.

Break It Down!
Make a list of what you need to study. If you need to study for a test where you will have to write 4 essays, make each one a task. Break everything down into smaller parts and study them one at a time. Breaking things down does a couple things – it helps you know what all you have left to do, and what you have time for. It helps you know how much you have left, and it also helps you not become overwhelmed with too much information. Compartmentalize things when you study and when you finish a few tasks and cross things off your list take a little break! 

I’m really hoping that all of those things will help this semester…

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  1. This is some great info, Katy. Have a fantastic time at school.

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