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Feeling Quite Overwhelmed

As I think I’ve said before, I’m majoring in American Sign Language Interpreting. Really I’ve been saying that for several years now. But as of this semester, I’m actually in the Interpreting program at my school. And being in the program has presented me with more work than I’m used to.

I have chapters to read and a paragraph to read due every Monday for J. I have video assignments due every Tuesday, and I have chapter papers/videos due every Thursday for KT. And I have work for another class that’s due on Thursdays for N – that stuff I haven’t even looked at yet because that teacher isn’t being strict about deadlines yet. So I’m planning to start that work this weekend. I also have the sporadic projects for L that have to get done. One of which she assigned when she cancelled class on Tuesday and was due on Wednesday before midnight.

I’m trying to figure out how to juggle all the work that I have to get it done by due dates. Especially because KT and N (and I think L) can be strict about them. J said she practically hands them out like candy – you just have to ask. 

I honestly haven’t carried a true full course load since my very first semester in college. I forgot how freaking difficult it is. Many nights, I’m looking at my planner at all the work I have to do and I start feeling like I can’t do it all. For an outsider to look at it, it probably doesn’t look to bad. But I know how much time is required to get everything done. Just to do have of one assignment for KT’s class took me and a friend hours longer than it probably should have.

This is what we looked like after staying up wayyy too late working on interpreting homework

The work is decidedly more intense now than it has been in the past. There so much that I have to keep track of that I had to assign each class a different color (as seen above) so I can see what’s what.

The chapter’s for J’s class are interesting – or at least one of the books doesn’t make me want to fall asleep.
The video assignments for KT’s class are time-consuming, but I do feel better about myself when I finally understand what the signer said.
The chapter’s for KT’s class are better than they could be. It just becomes difficult when we have to record a 3-4 minute video rather than write a 3-4 page paper.
The video work for N’s class is similar to to the video assignments for KT’s class, except that they’re done in spoken English rather than in ASL.
The work for L’s class is different than the others. It’s less time-consuming, in some aspects. There are projects to do, homework videos to film, and Deaf events that we have to go to – but they aren’t handed out every single class.

I have a paper to write this semester where I have to interview an interpreter about their mental and linguistic processes when interpreting for N’s class. For that paper I’m interviewing the on-campus interpreter who teaches linguistics which I took this past spring semester. She’s phenomenal! I have a paper to write for J’s class about which we can choose our own topic – I want to do the requirements and certifications for interpreters in different states since I know two interpreters in states aside from mine, one in TN and one in HI.

M&J fear quote

Even though I’m overwhelmed with work and scared that I’ll never be as skilled as I want to be, I’m not going to give up and quit the interpreting program. I’m absolutely not doing that. I know that there’s a desperate need for interpreters, and I want to help – although I can’t every say that to a Deaf person (but that’s a possible post for another day). It’s just overwhelmingly difficult and work-heavy right now. Granted, that probably won’t change in the near future, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t adjust to it in time. It’s going to take time to get to where I’m actually able to interpret.

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