Happy Birthday Sarah
Happy Birthday Sarah “Koala” Fader

Recently, Nicole of The Lithium Chronicles had a birthday. A friend of hers wrote a post celebringting her birthday. It was absolutely beautiful. So I decided that I wanted to do one for Sarah of Old School New School Mom. She’s a huge part of my life since I wrote my first post and then later when I joined Stigma Fighters staff. So that I would have a special post for her today, I asked fellow Stigma Fighters if they had any special memories they wanted to share… And this is what I got back:

Sarah & Courtney NY School EventSarah & CourtneyThe first one to send me anything was Courtney of Courtney’s Voice. She sent me a photo from when she went up to New York to see Sarah and participate in an event happening at a college up there. They both did separate break-out sessions, and were warmly welcomed. From what I heard from them, everyone seemed to love them. Courtney also recorded a video of Sarah trying to walk along a path and catch/throw balls while wearing drunk goggles, click here to watch.

Kitt just wanted to say a little something to let Sarah know how much she means to her:

Sarah, thank you for creating Stigma Fighters. Thank you for sharing our stories, for putting them online, for compiling them into an anthology. Happy Birthday for the Ultimate Stigma Fighter. Love, Kitt

Then we had another person, Gabe Howard, send Sarah a couple of shirts he designed:
Bipolar shirt Gabe #AwesomePotatoes

He also sent in a photo of him and his wife wearing Stigma Fighters shirts:

Gabe and Kendall

And he also requested that I share this small from him: “Gabe says you are #awesomepotatoes!!”

Then we had a few photos sent in by Aubrey of Too Much Aubrey:

Sarah and Aubrey\Sarah and Aubrey2


Another wonderful lady, JC of Sarcastica, had a few words to say:

Sarah is the best kind of person ever, because coffee ice cream is the best kind of ice cream ever. I mean, it’s coffee AND ice cream in one. Sarah is the number 1 cheerleader of all her friends and she’s always picking people up when they stumble. Sarah is the best! – xoxo love JC who has no pictures cause she lives in stupid Canada

Courtney and Allie (our Stigma Fighters VP) of Organic Coffee Haphazardly, finally convinced Sarah to read The Fault in Our Stars:

Sarah Reads TFiOS

These are some of my favorite photos of the wonderful,
kick-ass Sarah “Koala” Fader:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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