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Sorry I’ve Been Kind of M.I.A.

The last time a full blog post that I wrote went up was almost a month ago.

The last time a blog post about my life went up, was almost two months ago.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m sorry that I’ve kind of gone on hiatus without any explanation.

School started back at the end of August as I’m pretty certain I mentioned in a previous post. It’s now early November, and we’re over halfway through the semester, so I really should have some sort of handle on it by now. But I feel like I don’t. I’m constantly staying up late working on trying to frantically finish everything that’s due the next day.

When I went to see my psychiatrist just a couple weeks after my classes started, I told him my anxiety was becoming more and more of an issue. Naturally, he gave me a prescription for an anti-anxiety medication – Xanax. I’ve been taking that for about two months now and it’s really helped.

When I went back a little over week ago, i told him that my depression was starting to get worse now that darling saving time has ended and it’s getting darker earlier. That led to him asking if it was just my mood that had declined, to if it was my ability to function too. My ability to function hasn’t been affected too much, so I told him it was just my mood that had been dropping. From what I took away from the conversation, there isn’t really another medication that we could add. I left with the direction to keep an eye on my mood and to up the dosage of my Seroquel.

I haven’t officially upped it yet, but I probably will in the not too distant future.

November is National Novel Writing Month – or as many writers like to call it NaNoWriMo.

Most years I see people talking about it all over social media, and secretly admire them for participating and writing a book. This year, I decided that I was going to join in.

However, I’m not writing a fiction book like most people are. Instead I’m writing a memoir about something I experienced about a year and a half ago.

Things have definitely been slow going for me. I haven’t even hit 5,000 words yet. I’m kicking myself for being so slow, but I also know that writing something like this isn’t about finishing it in 30 days.

The whole point of doing it, is to tell my story. I’m only using NaNoWriMo to get myself started and be able to see how far I’ve come with the project in the month of November.

I have my yearly eye exam in just over a week. But that’s a whole separate post because there’s so much more to cover than what I want to cram into this post.

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