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That’s Not What I Want to Hear…

About a week ago I went to my doctor, and I was told that I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CT). This diagnosis has kind of brought me down, because it’s one of the leading causes that interpreters leave the field.

There’s a surgery that can be done, but I have people at church giving me conflicting opinions about it. Some are telling me to go do it, that both of them did it and it’s been fantastic. Someone else told me that their wife did it a couple years ago and hasn’t had an issue since. Then I went back later the same day for handbells, talked to other people about it, and was told to absolutely not do it, do everything I can do avoid the surgery.

Because of those conflicting opinions, I’ve been struggling with what I’m going to do.

The ladies at handbells told me to soak my arm, up to my elbow, in ice. Well, I tried that… And I can definitively say, that is NOT something that I ever want to do again! I don’t understand how it can be good for me. I might love interpreting, but I don’t love it that much…

So, because CT is one of the biggest things that pushes interpreters out of the field, I came up with a back-up plan.

If I feel that I have to back out of interpreting, I will likely do something in the administrative/secretarial field. My mom has done work like that for longer than I have been alive. I have seen the things that she does, and I can do a lot of the same things. I’m good at them, and it’s not something that I feel like I would easily get bored of doing.

I’m supposed to be going to see an orthopedist in January about my CT. I just want to see what his opinion is, and what he thinks I should be doing. This is because I want an opinion of a doctor who has dealt with something like this in more detail than just a physician’s assistant at my primary car’s office, and because of the conflicting opinions I’ve gotten at church.

When I have more information, I will update you all. But for now, I’m just pushing forward with a brace on my wrist and hope that things will get better.

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