Sometimes I Just Want a Standalone Book (for my Kindle)

I frequently go to Amazon looking for books to download and read on my kindle. But I almost always run into a problem… Almost every book I find that sounds intriguing, is in a freaking series! Do you know how frustrating that is??


I don’t want to read the first book in a series for free and then have to pay who-knows-how-much for however many books that follow.

I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with books that are in a series, but sometimes I just want to read a standalone book! 

Sometimes I’ll spend a good half hour or more looking for one book, maybe two if I’m lucky. But it’s always a challenge to find books that I can read and be done with, not having to worry about the next one that follows.

Recently (the last couple times I looked for books) I found a couple good standalone books – courtesy of my mother actually. The Alligator’s Farewell (which is no longer free) and The Fifth Floor (which is also no longer free).

This isn’t saying that I’m cheap and won’t spend money on Kindle books, but it is rare occurrence that I do.
It’s usually when I accidentally get a book not knowing that it was the first in a series and the rest of them won’t cost me an arm and a leg.


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