Adjusting to My Truck

Here on CoffeeTattoos, I don’t have a real type of post. But even so, this isn’t anything that I would typically post about.

I got my truck about a month ago. And even though it’s the vehicle I pretty much learned to drive in, I’m still adjusting to it.

I named her Old Miss Bessie.

She’s a 2001 Ford Ranger, and she has just over 101k miles on her.

Kept in really good condition by my grandparents, so she’s not something that’s really a worry for me.

But since she’s got so many miles on it, there’s some maintenance that needs to be done. I need to do an oil change. I also need to check the spark plugs, PCV valve, and the serpentine belt.

Nothing that should be too expensive if I do it on my own.

Having my truck now, and my grandmother talking about her health going downhill, it scares me a little. But as long as I have this truck, she’ll always be with me. I don’t want to think that way though. It’s just too saddening.


Here she is, Old Miss Bessie


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