An Open Letter (Combined with Something I Needed to Rant About)

To the Parents at the Trampoline Park,

I don’t understand why you bring your children to somewhere like a trampoline park, and then don’t watch them, but yet you seem to think you can get mad at us when they get hurt. You’re sitting there on your phone or totally engrossed in conversation with another mom instead of watching the kids.

We told your kid to stop whatever they were doing, but they didn’t listen to us. If you were watching your kid, maybe they wouldn’t have injured themselves.

When we’re at high (or full) capacity, and sometimes even just , we don’t have the ability to keep a close eye on every individual person jumping in the park. That’s why you’re there! You’re supposed to be watching them to. Or at the very least, you should know where they are.

Another thing that I don’t understand is why you’re so willing to point out others who aren’t following the rules but yet you will fight tooth-and-nail when we point out that you or your kid is doing something wrong. Why do y’all (the vast majority of you) act like you’re holier-than-though and seem to really believe that you’re above the rules? It’s just irritating.

It’s difficult to keep a smile on our face and act friendly all the time when you’re repeatedly trying to argue with us when we call your kid out for breaking the rules. It really makes no sense to me why you would try to point out all the others breaking the same rule your child is and yet not tell your child to stop breaking the rules.

So my suggestion is to put your focus back on your own child(ren), let the other parents mind their kid(s) and let us employees focus on the ones who really need to be told to stop doing what they’re doing wrong.

A Stressed-Out Employee

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