always drinking coffee | forever dreaming about tattoos

…I’m still here, I promise!!

Hmm, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve written anything. Quite honestly, it often felt like there was just nothing to say. Or that I had nothing worth saying.

But reality is that so much has happened in the almost year since I was last here.

It’s been well over a year since I last heard from my daughter’s birthdad. Adoptive parents haven’t heard from him either. It’s just left us with so many questions, and no answers.

I turned 30 late last year. It’s been an interesting adjustment and start to a new decade. Big things are happening.
Things that I never would’ve imagined even a year ago, but others knew years ago would someday happen. (There will be another post about this when details have been figured out.)

New friends.

The usual ever-present chaos at work.

I’m still seeing my therapist, though there was a brief hiatus through the holidays…
I tried to change to a different platform that she added into schedule, but things didn’t work out with insurance and had to move back to the original.
Therapy is so expensive, y’all…

Routines have always been something I struggled with, but now I’m in an eGroup at church and have reading that needs to get done each week for discussion. Last week I finished our chapter the day before we met. Realistically that doesn’t sound that bad, but there’s not much between being “prepared” and finishing the chapter at work the day we meet.
So I’m struggling to force myself to sit down at some point after work to read the group book and make notes.

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About Me

Hello! Welcome! My name is Katy!
You can find me drinking coffee until it’s time for wine. Currently have 5 tattoos, but plans for more are in the works.
I’m a birthmom over 8 years post placement. I’ve been in a birthmom support group since November 2018, and will be leading my own come May 2023.
On Sunday mornings you can usually find me in the nursery or on the production team at church.
Various times throughout the year, you can find me staying with someone’s dog(s) while they’re away on a trip – so don’t be surprised if there are stories or pictures every so often.

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