Let me introduce you to CoffeeTattoos and the person behind it.

  • I have Depression with Manic Elements, Anxiety, and PTSD.
  • I have been on medication in the past, but I currently do not take anything.
  • I’m addicted to coffee.
  • I have two tattoos, and want to get several more.
  • Books are like my security blanket.
  • I’m the middle sibling of three – older sister, younger brother.
  • This blog is a way for me to figure things out as I move forward in life with my mental illness and muddle my way through life. It’s always a way for me to share my adoption experiences as a birthmom.

3 thoughts on “About/Contact

  1. It’s interesting to see you’re doing Sign Language in college, I was trying to teach myself through youtube videos and was planning on visiting a local Deaf Hub for more professional training and to put my skills into practise.

    1. I started sign language when I was a sophomore in high school and pursued it in college. And I’m working toward being an interpreter. It’s just something that I fell in love with right away.

      Learning such a visual language through YouTube is extremely difficult because there are different regional dialects, just like accents. And signs for certain things change over time so you can’t be sure that you’re learning the current sign. I’m not trying to discourage you from using the internet to learn, I’m just saying to be careful in what you’re using to teach yourself.

      1. I think it’s great that there are things like that where you live. There is no option in any of my nearby schools to learn sign language. I think you can take college classes to learn it which I plan to when I save up enough!

        I completely understand and am aware of that. It was made clear in many videos that there are different dialects and such and I didn’t go into vast amount of detail in my learning. I simply looked up the basics using many different YouTube videos to compare to ensure I was using a somewhat generic sign to ensure that if I do enjoy sign language before pursuing it and so I didn’t turn up at classes completely clueless. 🙂

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