Family History

I’ve got this project in my ASL class. We have to look up all this information about (as the title implies) the history of our family. Now, I’m not talking about immediate family – mom, dad, sister, brother. I’m talking about parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. However far back you need to go to discover when the most recent person came to America.

I started working on the project the day we were told to start looking into things – which was Monday of last week. I knew a good bit of the information. Like my parents birthdates, and when they got married, and my grandparents birthdates, and a couple other little things. But when it came to where my ancestors had come from, I didn’t really have much of any knowledge.

I mean, I knew I was Scotch-Irish and Native American (Cherokee I think), but I didn’t have any idea that I was Canadian. And if you trace one of the lines far enough back, I’m also Scandinavian. It’s crazy to think that that’s just on one side of my family. I still have to find out about the other side. 

I’m not sure how I’m going to compile all of this into a video for class. I mean, I can write it all out on paper, but that’s not why we’re looking into all of this. We have to know how to sign dates and years, and countries, and be able to explain why our families came to America.

My great-grandfather on my mom’s dad’s side who came from Canada is said to have been a wanderer, and he ended up joining the calvary and then later on the Navy.

The ancestors on my mom’s mom’s side who were Scotch-Irish came because of the Irish potato famine – I still need to look up the years for that. And there’s also Native American on that side as well (see third paragraph for tribe).

Someone on my dad’s mom’s side came over from England, I think it was, as an indentured servant in like 1676.

My dad’s dad’s side came from England, northern Ireland, and Scotland but I don’t have a reason yet. I’m waiting for my great-uncle to email me back and hoping he’s got that answer for me.

Ancestors on my dad’s mom’s side came from Scotland around the mid 1600’s. And again I don’t have a reason for their coming to America, but I’m hoping that a book I have in a little binder will tell me something about that.

First Impressions

Totally meant to have this posted last week, but after I finished all my classes for the week I was too dead to do much of anything.

ASL 201 (American Sign Language level 3) w/Lori
Monday: I’m thinking this one will be better than last semester. The professor doesn’t seem to be quite so lax about everything like the one last time. She fingerspells really really fast, so that’s gonna take some getting used to, but she’s not trying to push us too far past/above where we should be or telling us we’re not understanding enough.
There’s 3 projects, one of which I think she said basically is our final exam. There’s 2 Deaf events. You get 4 absences. If you’re 30 or more minutes late, don’t bother coming to class.
Wednesday: Oh my goodness. Things are so different in this class than my last one. We started working on the material today and actually learned things! My last class, the professor would go over the signs for like 3 or 4 classes and then we’d have a test. So yea we knew the signs, but we didn’t really do much. That class never went as long as it was supposed to, whereas this one took up all of the time we had.
The professor’s facial expressions are so hilarious! I don’t mean that in a bad way though. She’s profoundly Deaf so ASL is her first language, therefore she’s very fluent in it and it’s really easy for her. She makes sure that everyone understands before moving on to the next thing. She doesn’t go too fast, but she doesn’t go too slow either. It’s perfect!

ASL 115 (Fingerspelling & Number Use) w/Nick
Tuesday: Things were a little interesting. The ASL dean came in and talked to all of us cause the professor that’s listed on all our schedules is no longer our professor, and the professor who’s supposed to take their place didn’t show up. So we spent the day talking about the ASL department and talked about the certificates and degrees for ASL and Interpreting.
Thursday: I think things should be pretty easy in the class. The professor seems pretty laid back for the most part. And he’s pretty young too.

PED 116 (Lifetime Fitness & Wellness) w/LauRae “Rae”
Wednesday: The professor seems really young, and that’s kind of a good thing. She’s not trying to push us past what we’re capable of doing. Like I told her about my knee issues – if I run too much, or too fast, my knee pops out and back in – and she said to just do what I know I can, not to push myself, and it’s fine. We’ll have two tests – midterm and final – with 50 ?s each. Class time will be split between lectures in the classroom and activity time over in the fitness center. So we’ll need to wear (or bring) workout/activity clothes each week. All that means for me is that I’ll be wearing yoga pants and some sort of tshirt every Wednesday this semester; I did the same thing for my Pilates class on Tuesdays last semester.

BIO 101 (General Biology) w/Simin
The last time I took biology was in high school, so yea…
Friday: Oh dear god I’m going to drown in Biology homework this semester. Our first homework assignment – read chapters 1-4 (and of course we aren’t lecturing on chapter 3 and 4 till next class, so it’s completely foreign material for us), take the end of chapter quizzes, write your own notes, and extra credit. And of course we aren’t lecturing on chapter 3 and 4 till next class, so it’s completely foreign material for us. For me that meant – read/skin the chapters, highlight stuff, write/type the highlighted stuff somewhere else, and make vocab cards. And the professor’s a hardass about pretty much everything. She starts class right at 8:00. There’s a reading comprehension quiz at the beginning of every class. But if you walk in at even 8:01 you don’t get points for the quiz but you still have to take it. And the quizzes are 10% of your grade. So that’s gonna be a fun class…