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  • NaBloPoMo – Day 8

    When I’m in pain – physical or emotional – the kindest thing I can do for myself is… stay in comfy clothes (LuLaRoe is great if I’ve gotta leave the house) read books to escape reality watch Netflix to distract my mind take a hot bath take a nap under a blanket experiment with makeup Continue reading

  • NaBloPoMo – Day 7

    What do I keep on my bedside table? lotion melatonin tissues flashlight books kindle q-tips (not sure why…) drink of some kind (it depends on what i’m doing) Continue reading

  • NaBloPoMo – Day 2

    MUST-HAVE office supplies Sharpies – fine & ultra-fine tips PaperMate Ink Joy gel pens – I prefer 0.5 but I also have 0.7 highlighters – I have Sharpie ones w/”text view” tips clipboard – I suggest plastic ones so the corners don’t fray notepads – check the Dollar Spot at Target notebook(s) – use what… Continue reading

  • Somehow I’m Still Breathing

    Things have gone downhill quite a bit for me since my last post. I don’t want to go into details, but the changes have left me with more free time than I had before. This means that I should hopefully be able to post more frequently than I have been. I can also catch up on… Continue reading

  • Finding Dory Reaction

    I finally went to see Finding Dory in theaters (back on July 5th). I don’t like going right when movies open cause everyone’s there and it’s just too crowded for me, so I went with a friend on a Tuesday night. I’ve seen a post going around Facebook from an adoptive mom saying that Finding Dory is a movie that should… Continue reading

  • Birthmom Q&A

    Birthmom Q&A

    This wasn’t an easy post to put together. People were afraid to ask questions because they didn’t want to offend or hurt me, and I wasn’t really sure how to answer some of them. But here’s what I’ve got for you this week. Hopefully I can answer some more questions in the future.   Do… Continue reading

  • 3-Day Quote Challenge, Day 3

    I was challenged by my wonderful friend, Courtney, to do a 3-day quote challenge. The Rules: Post three consecutive days. You can pick one or three quotes per day. Challenge three different bloggers per day.   I’ve decided that today I’m only posting one quote. I wanted it to come from the ABCFamily show Switched at… Continue reading

  • Bucket List

    own a jukebox write a blog (famous/well known) travel cross-country via train see the Northern Lights parasail ziplining visit Harry Potter castle send a message in a bottle take a road trip with friends with no destination design my own tattoo visit all 50 states drink at a pub in Ireland visit England, Ireland, France,… Continue reading

  • Do mental illness labels matter?

    Originally posted on Mad girl's lament: I’ve been thinking a lot about diagnoses and whether or not the label of a mental illness really matters. Within the mental health community and advocacy work, we like to separate the person from the disorder. We encourage people to say: “I have bipolar disorder,” instead of “I am bipolar.”… Continue reading

  • Emotional Exhaustion

    Things have happened recently that have left me emotionally exhausted. That’s not to say that I haven’t enjoyed them, because I really have. But they’re just going to really take some time to recover from. One thing that I’ve recently found, and posted on my blog’s Facebook page, was a self-care printable. If you click… Continue reading

About Me

Hello! Welcome! My name is Katy!
You can find me drinking coffee until it’s time for wine. Currently have 5 tattoos, but plans for more are in the works.
I’m a birthmom over 8 years post placement. I’ve been in a birthmom support group since November 2018, and will be leading my own come May 2023.
On Sunday mornings you can usually find me in the nursery or on the production team at church.
Various times throughout the year, you can find me staying with someone’s dog(s) while they’re away on a trip – so don’t be surprised if there are stories or pictures every so often.