20 Things to Start Doing


1. Drink lots of water and green tea
2. Eat a big breakfast, average lunch, & a tiny dinner
3. Eat fruit & vegetables & natural food
4. Go for a walk/swim/bike ride
5. Read a book
6. Go to bed earlier
7. Stop thinking negative thoughts about yourself
8. Don’t dwell on the past … turn it into art
9. Enjoy little things in life
10. Do not judge or compare yourself to others
11. Begin yoga or meditation
12. Do not put things off
13. Avoid processed food
14. Stretch daily to increase flexibility
15. Listen to peaceful music
16. Live in a tidy space
17. Wear clothes that make you happy
18. Throw away things you don’t need
19. Remember that “all the effort you are making now will pay off in the end”
20. Go outside more


A friend was going through her makeup and organizing it in her new dresser last week so I decided to do the same. I went through everything I have and threw out old stuff, determined what I do/don’t use anymore, and set aside good stuff for my sister/friend if either of them want it. I didn’t realize I have as much as I do until I laid it all out on my desk. Holy christmas trees in July…


That was just the top drawer of three on my dresser – it was the only one that contained makeup. The other two drawers had receipts and notes and random papers and earrings and bracelets and movie tickets and things like that.

I was going through the drawers one by one. I would things out one by one and see what it was before determining if I wanted to keep it or throw it away. A lot of things I did end up throwing away though. Old jewelry that’s lost its stretch or doesn’t fit who I am now, notes from early high school, pictures from people who are no longer in my life.

It found the ticket for the Demolition Derby I went to back in 2007 with my youth group. That was really cool cause I didn’t know I still had it! I have a few movie tickets from Drive in September 2011, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol in January 2012, and Lee Daniels’ The Butler in August 2013. I even remember who I went to each movie with!

The worst one was probably pulling out pictures that were upside down and turning them over to discover that they were of an ex-boyfriend who I had an absolutely awful breakup with. He thought we could try to stay friends, but then he made things more difficult than they needed to be and cut me out of his life completely. I was a little offended by it at first, but then I realized that I didn’t need someone like that in my life anyway and things have been easier without him 🙂

There was another tough one for me though. One of the notes I found was from a guy I had a massive crush on in 10th grade. And I mean massive crush… I didn’t recognize the handwriting at first, but once I started reading it everything came back like I had crashed into a brick wall. The good times and the bad. But I know that they’re now all just memories in my past that have done nothing but made me stronger in the end. He’s no longer in my life now either because he didn’t talk to me for years and after waiting around for that long, I gave up because it wasn’t good for me. And while yea I miss him, I’m doing ok without him too 🙂